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Inspecta-Shield Fire Retardant is a pre-mixed, versatile, broad spectrum, odorless, non-toxic, colorless, multi-use, penetrating liquid, Class "A" fire retardant.* Independent testing standards prove it provides unsurpassed fire-retardant protection and has been recognized by Fire Code Officials across the United States.

*The American Society for the Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) are two nationally recognized organizations, which have developed tests setting standards of flammability. On a scale of 0 – 200 (least to most), only those materials with a flame spread of under 25 qualify as a “Class A” Fire Retardants.

Application Instructions

Thank you for your interest in Inspecta-ShieldTM flame retardant for the treatment of fabric, lumber, and other items that are either absorbent or will allow Inspecta-Shield to adhere to fibers.

Please follow all directions contained within this manual and listed on the product label.

APPLICATION RATES FOR FABRICS Oz weight per square yard Coverage rate per gallon
Cotton Twill 7.9 600 square feet
Cotton Flannel 3.6 600 square feet
Cotton (Drapery/Upholstery) 4.7 600 square feet
Rayon 2.8 500 square feet
Silk 2.0 500 square feet
Polyester (Satin) 2.5 600 square feet
Polyester (Knit) 7.0 600 square feet
Olefin (Polypropylene) 4.5 500 square feet
Acetate 3.7 500 square feet
Velours – 16oz. 25 400-500 square feet
Blends of Above 400-600 square feet
APPLICATION RATES FOR INTERIOR LUMBER 300 sq. ft. per gallon - all surface areas treated*
H.P.M.A. T-6839 White Pine Class A 300 sq. ft./gallon
U.L. 79P1 Douglas Fir Class B 300 sq.ft./gallon
Plywood, Particle Board, OSB ------------------------------ ------------------------------ 300 sq. ft./gallon

*If material to be treated can only be treated on one side, the application rate is 150 sq.ft. on exposed side.
Dimensional lumber: 150 sq.ft. per gallon; all sides have to be sprayed. Use the following procedure and chart to determine linear square footage.

1/2" 1" 2" 4" 6" 8" 10" 12"
– Locate lumber dimension A and B on graph 1" 4 3 2 1 1/4 3/4 3/4 3/4 1/3
– Locate no. at crosspoint - C 2" 2 1/3 2 1 1/2 1 3/4 2/3 1/2 1/3
– L - linear feet 4" 1 1/3 1 1/4 1 3/4 2/3 --- --- ---
– sq = square feet 6" --- 3/4 3/4 2/3 1/3 --- --- 3
8" --- 3/4 2/3 --- --- --- --- 5 1/3
Formula: L divided by C = sq.ft. 10" --- 3/4 1/2 --- --- --- --- ---
i.e.: a 4.6 pine 100 linear feet long = 166 sq. ft. 12" --- 1/3 1/3 --- --- --- --- ---

Textile application rates are based on independent test results when product was applied by either spray, immersion or pad method. Textile weights ranged from 1.7 oz. to 25 oz. per square yard.

Lumber application rates are based on independent test results when product was applied by either spray, roller, immersion or pressure impregnation processes.

Application rates may vary with the weight, density and the code for which treated materials are intended to comply with. (Some items may need to be treated more than once to ensure proper coverage rates).

N.Y. Fire-Shield, Inc. technical staff is available for assisting you with any additional information on specific application rates and processes.


Paper — 800 sq.ft./gallon (vegetable-based)

Bales of Hay — 75 sq.ft./gallon

All specifications and suggestions appearing on our labels and literature concerning the use of our products are based upon tests and data believed to be reliable. Since the actual use by others is beyond our control, no guarantee, expressed or implied, is made by New York Fire-Shield as to the effects of such use or the results to be obtained. Not recommended for exterior use.


1. Materials must be absorbent in order for Inspecta-Shield® to be effective (test material with a drop of water.)

2. Shake Inspecta-Shield® well, transfer to a clean sprayer. Test spray pattern on a paper towel. Test material for color fastness.

a. Spray should be light enough to cover material without excessive dripping (material should be wet to the touch.)

b. It may be necessary to apply two coats to achieve total coverage.

3. Operation of Sprayer

a. Fill sprayer one inch below neck.

b. Make sure that yellow switch on wand is in the vertical OFF position.

c. Twist pump handle to release.

d. Pull up handle and pump 20 times to create satisfactory pressure.

e. Twist pump handle back into lock position.

f. Use two-hand start-up spraying procedure.

1. Place left hand on wand.

2. Place right hand on handle and trigger.

3. Make sure trigger and wand are in vertical position at all times with tip up.

g. Place trigger in ON position (pulling down with thumb.)

h. Turn off by pushing yellow trigger straight up with thumb (make sure trigger is not in lock position.)

4. Spray Product

a. Hold sprayer 10" to 12" from work. Move sprayer back and forth, overlapping each stroke until complete.

5. Wipe Up any Over-Spray and Drips

a. Inspecta-shield should not be left in contact with metal or glass. Wash any excess off with a damp cloth.

6. Return any unused Inspecta-Shield® to proper container.

7. Wash sprayer with water, rinse, and flush clean water through sprayer. Wipe dry and store properly.

8. Return unused Inspecta-Shield® to storage and log date and application. Store between 35º F and 100º F.

ATTENTION — Art Teachers and Maintenance Personnel:

A. Children's artwork may be applied from back of paper.

B. Paper products may be flameproofed before using by either spraying or dripping.

NOTE: If Inspecta-Shield® is over-applied and stiffness results, a simple brushing will bring your material back to its original texture.

RE: Recommendations for most effective usage of Inspecta-Shield®.

NOTE: Any soiled fabrics or furnishings should be cleaned before application.

Your fabrics and/or furnishings have been treated with Inspecta-Shield®, a non-toxic, odorless flame retardant chemical manufactured by N.Y. Fire-Shield, Inc. for fire protection and prevention.

To maintain the appearance of the area treated, the following procedure is recommended in dealing with possible overspray or overapplication:

1. Examine Inspecta-Shield® treated items after drying.

a) PROBLEM: Overspray - white crystal-like particles on non-cellulostic materials (metal will rust if not removed.)

REMEDY: Simply wipe affected area with a damp cloth.

b) PROBLEM: Overapplication-resulting in stiffness of treated areas.

REMEDY: brush and/or use agitation bar; vacuum until said areas resume original texture and color.

2. Durability: Inspecta-Shield® will not wear off under normal fabric use conditions. Treated synthetic and cellulostic textiles have been found to withstand three dry cleanings under the guidelines established by I.F.I. # T-87-649.

3. Testing after cleaning.

Remove small piece of treated material. Hold a match for five seconds to the bottom of vertically held material. Inspecta-Shield® will retard or slow down the flame on recommended items, but will not prevent charring. Check for combustion. If combustion occurs, procedure must be repeated to insure protection.

4. Reapplication.

We recommend reapplication after water washings or three dry cleanings (See Durability) to assure the maintenance of the flameproof ratings.